Wednesday, March 12, 2014

All nighter

So Friday night, preparing for Jodi's move the next day, with me being very limited on helping capabilities, the best way I could help was keeping Talmage and Coco. 

Easier said than done. 

Add a very stressed Talmage due to confusion of moving, a son with strep throat, three dogs that do not get along and a mom that had totally overdone it. Not such a great combination. 

Friday night we spent time trying to get Max, Maya and Coco to become friends. It was better than the last time but all three felt the need for attention. 

Talmage and Hayden finally settled down at about midnight. Coco cried. Max barked because another dog was in the house. And Maya just thought it was play time. A little after midnight, absolutely exhausted, I completely crashed. 

I was not expecting what happened less than three short hours later. 

Hayden woke me up struggling to breathe and crying with a sore throat. I dragged myself out of bed because I wanted Thomas to get sleep so he could help move all day. I gave Hayden meds, applied oils on him and me and tried to lay back down. 

Hayden couldn't breathe so we moved to the couch. For the first time in a long time, he wanted to be held. I let him sit as close to me as I could tolerate without the intense pain from the pressure of being touched or leaned on. 

However, the commotion of getting set up on the couch awakened Coco. Max, who follows me wherever I go at night was already out on the couch with Hayden and me, curled in my lap. Coco started pawing at the door. I didn't want him to wake Talmage or Thomas so I went and got him. I placed Max in between me and Hayden and held Coco on my left side. Just as we started to settle in, Maya awoke due to a few snarls from Max and Coco. I carried Max with me to get Maya before she awoke anyone else. 

I am now sitting on the couch, Hayden cuddled in on my right side with Maya on his lap, Coco on my left side and Max on my lap. I think we finally have sleeping arranged and the dogs calm and Hayden out of breathing issues. 

No kidding. As soon as I closed my eyes, Talmage comes running out crying and confused. 

He dives on my lap, taking out all three dogs in the process.  Still completely unsure of how he was able to so that. Once again, all three dogs are snarling and hushed tones of growling coming out of them. We rearrange with both Talmage and Hayden needing me to be touching/holding them. 

We settle in with Talmage on my lap, Hayden now cuddled in closer because if Talmage is getting attention, he must have equal or more closeness. Maya on Talmage. Max under the covers on my lap, and Coco on my legs. Party on mom at 3 am. 

Thomas woke up at 4:30 am and walked out to this. After taking a quick picture, I begged him to unpile me. The pain and pressure was awful. I had to stand. 

I texted Jodi early in the morning explaining that Thomas would be there without Hayden. I needed Hayden to take care of Talmage and dogs as I would be completely incompaciatated for days. 

My text read...I am definitely not cut out to be a mom of two boys and three dogs. 

She laughed and laughed. 
After a couple of days of recouping, I now can laugh too. 

The Sunday morning, because of the lack of sleep, totally overdoing it and stress of it all, the seizures had been rolling since Saturday morning. 

I will look at this picture months and years from now and laugh. Laugh at the craziness of my night. 

And regardless...I loved that I got to cuddle with Tman one last night before he moved. 

Love these boys.....all of them. Love the crazy and sometimes unbelievable moments we are able to create. 

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