Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Welcome to nap time in the Murphy household. 

If I fall asleep on the couch, they both lay on my legs or back. I guess I am comfy. Or they make sure I do not go anywhere without them. We sleep for hours this way. 

Or if I go in my room to lay on the bed, I tell the pups that it's bedtime. They follow me in the room. Max climbs in on my left side. Maya on my right. I lay down. Both cuddle next to me. Both stay until I wake up or Hayden gets home. 

I love that they keep me company. I love that I am not always alone. These two love me unconditionally. 

They follow me the the my the couch....and their favorite....the refrigerator. 

Who knew that a little 8 pound chihuahua terrier mix little boy and a 4 pound toy chihuahua terrier mix baby girl, could bring such comfort and peace and joy and love to my life. 

I'm again reminded that my Savior is in the details. He takes care of it all. He shows me daily that he lives and he loves me. I'm never alone. The pups stay with me as does my Savior. A constant reminder. A gentle and loving touch to remind me how much I am loved and cared for. 

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