Friday, March 21, 2014

Just breathe

As I was scrolling thru Facebook the other day, I saw this quote. I read it. I smiled. I found myself scrolling back up to read it again.  

Life sometimes is overwhelming. It feels like it is spiraling out of control. 

It reminded me of President Uctdorf's talk on trials. He said that when hard and massive trials come, sometimes what you need it to cut back to only the daily necessities, cut out the extras, and just hold on and endure. 

I have learned that so clearly this past year. Sometimes hard, overwhelming trials hit. You can't do it all. Sometimes, it is okay to just to hold on tight, keep breathing, trust the Savior and cling to him. Sometimes that is all you can do. Thank heavens, our dear Savior, only requires our all. He will make up the rest. 

I've had many a days that all I could do is breathe. I've learned to let go of a lot. I've learned to trust. I've learned to take each day, do the best I can, and at the end of the night, kneel down, offer my all to my Savior, make peace with my day, let go of any insecurity and doubt in myself and trust that the Savior can take my best and with his help, make my offering and my all, enough. 

Such peace has come since I have learned that my all is enough. And I have had many many many days that my ebay was to just keep breathing. 

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