Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crazy nights

Spending almost all of our free time at home means crazy antics from the boy. 

He loves Psych. He loves to be funny. He loves to tease. He loves to play practical jokes. Better yet, the puppies are always willing to help. Hayden honestly believes that his dad's bald head is lucky. He thinks that with his mind and his dad's head, he can be as psychic as Shawn Spencer. 
Have a mentioned how much I love and adore this smile. Oh how I am blessed with such a wonderful man. 
I have to smile and laugh when the pups attack Thomas or Hayden. 
These four .... My Max....and our little baby Maya.  They are my world. My life. My joy. My sanity. My hope. My strength. My heart. My love. My life. 
I'm grateful for each and every moment I get to spend with them. I am grateful they are willing to give up fun activities outside the home so that they can be with me. They never guilt me. They never act like I am a problem. They never make me feel horrible for what is. They love and accept me unconditionally and make the most out of our moments together. They are my greatest blessings and joys. 

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