Saturday, June 18, 2016

He's back

Oh how I missed my boy. I missed his smile. His heart. His joy. His laughter. His teasing. His caring. His kindness. His gentleness. His great smile. And his love. 

The joy I felt when he walked back into the house well exceeded that of the puppies joy. My boy was home. And oh how I felt so much love. Gratitude he was safe. Grateful he was home. And oh so happy. I loved hearing his excitement. His stories. Lessons learned. Faith gained. Self confidence increased. And all the joy he felt even when things were hard. 

His smile. Even with his stinking smelly boy that was walking ten miles each day, doing hard work without showers for five days and in the same clothes, I still needed-wanted a hug. And I hugged him. Laughed. Told him to shower. And we would love to catch up when he was clean and smelled a little better. 

Got you Hayden. I love you even after you are that stinky and smelly. I absolutely love you. (But rememeber to shower. Every single day.). I can see the eye roll now and the "mooommmm!" Good thing you don't read this. I love you. Always forever and no matter what. 

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