Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our precious family

Family is everything. It is the center of God's creation. Families are so vital to our salvation that God created eternal families. A way for families and those relationships to extend beyond the grave. That death does not end the relations or the bonds of marriages and families. 

The knowledge I have of the great plan of happiness or the plan of salvation is priceless. 

Death will never shatter these bonds. Not with me and Thomas not Thomas and I with Hayden. Our love. Our family. Our joy. Our sealing. Our worlds. Reach beyond this life into the eternities. That knowledge is priceless to me. Something I hold near and dear to my heart. Knowing these two are mine forever brings a peace that extends forever. The bonds eternal. 

I feel the sealing bonds and the relations that God United and sealed together so deeply. Those bonds or sealing power or covenant made between Thomas and I and God are sacred. They are so incredibly sacred. I am grateful for them. 

To my dear beloved husband: I love you. Now. Forever. Eternity will one day be our reward for enduring the trials of this world. Together, we learned to hold on to one another, cling to our Savior and keep his commandments. We have knelt in earnest prayer. We have united, fasted. We have called down the powers of heaven. We have experienced miracles. We have witnessed the Savior's hand in our lives each and every day. That recognition has been there each day, consistently for almost seven years. We have cried and wept and mourned together. And we have rejoiced and laughed and celebrated our great gifts together. We have absolutely taken this journey together. And there is no one I would have rather taken this journey of life with. You kept your promise to bring me joy and laughter every single day. You've brought joy in the midst of heartache. You've eased my physical and spiritual pain. You've walked me through all I've experienced. I'm so grateful for the ride. Being a parent with you made my dreams come true. We have experienced the highs and lows, ups and downs, triumph and heartache and absolute joy of being parents, together. 

You are my best friend, my eternal companion, my partner in crime, my biggest fan, my cheerful smile that tells me I can do it, the gentle and levine push, my rock, my strength, my all, my everything. Every day has been better because we have experienced it together. 

To name my favorite moments, simply impossible. How do you capture each moment, good and bad? How do we consider what moments created our deep and loving bond. 

I would do anything for you. Each day for the last five or six years, I have begged the Savior for more time. The pain. The physical pain I endure. Coping with one of the most physically challenging pain diseases ever, each day was so worth the joy we shared. Our love. Every day I have fought for you, for us. 

My prayers are more for you and Hayden then me. I've learned what it truly means to love someone more than yourself. As parents we sometimes achieve that. I definitely love our son with my all. He is our world. Our joy. Our hope. Our smiles. Our love. 

I ha r also come to deeply realize how much more your happiness and joy and eternal salvation matter than mine. Oh how I would endure all the pain in the world to spare you one ounce of pain. I would give my all for you. I'd lay down my life for you. And I would continue to live for you. You matter more than me. Completely. 

.im so grateful I was chosen to be your wife now and for all eternity. I'm grateful I was blessed to walk this road with you. That you and I together could become parents. That we together, endured and enjoyed and cherished each day of life. I've laughed with you more than anyone. I've smiled more with you. Cried more. Hoped more. Lived more. And definitely loved more. 

You are my heart. My soul. My joy. My love.  My all. My everything. I LOVE YOU BEYOND COMPARE! I am so grateful I will always be your precious wife. Your love and your companion for eternity. 

I love you, Thomas! Always. Forever. No matter what. 

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