Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boogie Boarding

Boogie Boarding - Hayden was deep in thought as he contemplated heading out into the ocean to attempt boogie boarding.
He decided he would give it a try and he, Brigham and Thomas set out to catch some waves.
Chase, Hayden, Thomas and Tanner and Brooklyn.
Thomas, Brooklyn, Chase and Hayden all heading out on an adventure.
Brooklyn's face is priceless... she loved that her and Chase caught waves all the way in.
Bryson heading out to join in on the adventure!
Of course, right as Hayden caught a wave all the way in, smiling from ear to ear, my camera battery died. I didn't want to miss his time of victory, so I stood and watched and took it all in. Although I have no camera to document the joy, happiness and victorious smile, it will be forever etched in my mind and heart. I love when my boy conquers his fears and achieves what he deems as impossible. Way to go, Bubba! I am so proud of you!

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