Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meeting Faith

While we were in California, Ariyona had a little baby girl and named her Faith. I wanted to be there when she was born but couldn't swing it since she came mid-week while we were in Cali.

I have so many mixed emotions and not sure how much to share. I love Ariyona. She is one of my girls. Having lived with us, all three of us are very connected to her. Ariyona wants us to be apart of Faith's life.

My heart leaped as I held this sweet precious baby girl that was only a week old. She smiled at me and looked directly into my eyes the entire time I held her. My heart was immediately in love with this sweet little newborn. As I held her, my heart softened towards this sweet little girl. What is it about a baby so fresh from God that can make all the world seem okay. Babies sure put things into perspective. Look at her precious smile.
I loved holding her, cuddling her and just soaking in every moment of her love.
Thomas had continued to earn the right to be called the baby whisperer. The second Faith started crying hard, Thomas took her, cuddled her, rocked her and the tears immediately stopped. She looked deep into Thomas' eyes and that little girl nestled in and went right to sleep. I'm not sure how he does it, but he definitely has a magic touch.
I am sure that the more this little baby girl is around, the more spoiled she will become. We love being parents. But, I think we are going to have a ton of fun when the time comes for us to be grandparents, too! Welcome to the world, Faith. We hope you will want to spend lots of time at our house as you grow up.

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