Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just Us

I love spending time with all of the Simonton's. I love reconnecting and building the relationships. However, the best part of the beach for me is these two incredible guys that I get to spend an entire week with. No interruptions. No "to do" list. No problems... just joy. There is no one in the world I cherish more than I do Hayden and Thomas. I feel so incredibly lucky that they are mine.

Look at his boy. He is no longer little. He is growing up into a wonderful young man. He know who he is, a son of God. He is honest. He has integrity. He is kind. He serves. He is loving. He is really becoming a disciple of Christ in so many ways. I am so proud of him and the incredible heart that he has. I am in awe of him and his goodness.
I love how much my boys love to play. They are happy. They are loving. They serve hard. They play hard. And they love without limits. I love watching them truly enjoy one another and see joy just bursting from their souls. It makes my heart and soul delighted.
Thomas is the love of my life. He is my best friend. He is who I lean on for support. Turn to in my time of need. Want to tell my greatest accomplishments to and my darkest fears. He is my world. I look at him some days and am in awe that I was the one lucky enough to be his wife. I am so glad he chose me.
My family! I love the three of us. I love when we are together. I love the joy and love that we share. I love that no matter what curve balls life throws at us, together we always have each other. What security. What joy!
And I love being a mom to this boy more than words can describe. He is my greatest work of art. He is my souls greatest desire and warmth and joy. I cannot imagine a better gift from my Father in Heaven than the gift of being chosen to be Hayden's mom. There are no words to describe my gratitude.
Some people take New Year's to evaluate their lives and see the changes. To me, it has always been Week 28 of the year... when I take the time to reflect on my life. Really mentally take note of all the changes, challenges, heartaches, joy, comforts, tender mercies, goals and realize all the changes that have taken place in the past year. This year definitely had its ups and downs but more than anything, I have overwhelming gratitude that I was allowed to live to spend another year on the beach with my boys. This is the "good stuff" that life is about... moments with family that bond us together so we can endure whatever life throws at us. We had such a great week. So many memories made. So many wonderful moments to carry us through whatever life has in store for us ahead.

Thank you Oceanside. You have definitely provided us many many moments to look back on and smile. It's not goodbye but a "See you next year" when we come back with a year more of experiences under our belt, another year of challenges overcome, another year of memories and another year of hope and joy!

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