Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We were able to sneak away last weekend to the cabins in Christopher Creek with all of the Knapp family. Julie has made it a tradition of renting out a couple of cabins and getting us all together up in the mountains. We absolutely LOVE this tradition and look forward to our relaxing time in the mountains.

Hayden was soooo excited when we arrived. He loves the mountains and the opportunity it provides to run, yell, play, get dirty and know that he has our full attention with nothing pulling us other directions.

We had an incredible amounts of fun. It was exactly what I needed.
Hayden and Brody...doing what boys do best.... playing.
Hayden received his fair share of tickle time from his Dad, but even Grandma Julie got in on the action of teasing and tickling him.
Poor Hayden. Although, by his smile, he absolutely loved the non-stop attention from his dad.
Best part about the cabins, hands down, absolutely is sitting on the front porch of the log cabin in the rocking chair. Julie and I spent a majority of the weekend in those two rocking chairs talking, laughing and enjoying the wonderful weather with giggling boys in the background. Heaven.
Hayden off on another adventure.
My boy... I sure love my boy. I loved being able to completely focus on him all weekend and he soaked it all in.
He is growing up to be just like his dad.... a tease. He will tickle torture me any chance he gets.
Me and Julie. I absolutely adore her and am so thankful she is in our lives. I'm thankful the Knapp's have adopted us and include us as part of their family.
Our family. My heart is at peace and still when I see photos of the three of us together. I love my family and the love, friendship and bonds that we share.
I feel so safe and protected with Thomas around. I know he will make sure I am okay. I relax so much when I am with him. In moments away, when there is time to reflect, I am even more grateful for him.
I think Hayden was huge smiles all weekend.
We loved relaxing. Just talking, playing games, laughing, telling stories and being together. Life really is great!
T.J. and Sean are the greatest. They can keep me in constant laughter. I love spending time with them.
Of course, we had to get in several games. The boys learned quickly that if I didn't have to move from my rocking chair that I was in for whatever they wanted to do. We had a lot of fun on that balcony playing all kinds of games. Incredible weekend!

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