Monday, July 23, 2012

Oceanside 2012

Our annual trip to Oceanside was as wonderful as always, maybe even more so. I loved each and every minute and was so thankful to be there.
Each morning, Thomas would get up early, get three umbrellas and 3 or 4 chairs from the condo and head down to the beach and set up our spot. The cool weather and shade was such a welcomed relief. Hayden loves loves loves being on the beach so we spent a ton of time there.
I love these photos and wish I were sitting back on the sand with those that I love so much.
Me, Jodi, Talmage, Josh, Cassie, Lauren and Katie.
Rosie, Talmage, me, Jodi, Jake, JD, Josh, Cassie and Katie all hanging on the beach.
Me and Jodi spent more time just sitting and talking in the chairs than we ever have. It was fantastic!
Talmage absolutely hated the sand and he was screeching about it. Jake picked him up and put him on his shoulders and was playing "Where did Talmage go?" Talmage popped his head down and said, "Silly Jake, I right here." Jake can make all the kids laugh and happy.
I had to document the 5 minutes that my dad made it to the beach. He is totally missing out. He loves sitting on the balcony and seeing the waves but doesn't spend any time in the sand.
Hayden LOVED the water! He loves the sand! His favorite place in the world to be is a beach!
Talmage, Jodi, Hayden, Brigham, Thomas and Brooklyn - finding sand crabs!
Me, Jodi and Talmage - what a life. I seriously think I could spend weeks upon weeks on the sand, under the umbrella, chatting with my sister, holding Talmage, playing with Hayden and reading my book. Oh, and I nice little nap in the afternoon. Heaven!
Suzi and me! We had lots of good chats and laughs, too!
I was so happy to see JD. I sure do miss him and his family! I wish they would move back to Arizona.
Thomas, me and Jake. I am so lucky to have such great brothers. They make me laugh and keep me so happy.
I LOVED my time on the beach. Just in case you are wondering, no, I hardly ever moved from that position. If anyone wanted to talk to me, they came and sat by me. It was fantastic! Once I plopped myself down, I didn't move again for hours. I LOVED my relaxing week on the beach!

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Jodi Davis said...

I absolutely loved being at the beach this year. It has been quite the year and I couldn't be more thankful than to be sitting next to you. One of my favorite moments was watching you on the last day at the beach. I haven't seen you look that good in well over a year (maybe years). My heart was happy watching you smile and laugh as you took pictures of your boys and played with the kids. It was a tender mercy after all you have been through to have a reprieve if only for a moment. I love you!