Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girl Time

Thomas is one of the favorite uncles. He has such a soft heart and cannot say no to any of the kids, especially Brooklyn. Brooklyn has developed a love of collecting cool sea shells along the beach just like her Uncle Thomas. Each year, she will come running over, drop her boogie board and shovel, snatch a pail and run for Thomas. I smile as I know exactly what is coming out of her mouth next. "Uncle Thomas, will you go for a walk with me to find seashells." Thomas makes a face at her, smiles at me, teases and jokes with her a little and is up and grabbing his own sand bucket. Together they walk on the edge of the water, talking, showing each other their newest treasures and have a great time. I think this has become one of Thomas' favorite traditions. He loves that they have the same interests.
This year Brinley and Lauren both jumped at the chance to go on their adventure with them. I love Thomas' soft and tender heart. He is so gentle with these girls and loves that they want him. I loved watching them walk away collecting and discovering the earth's treasures.
One of the funnest things to see is Brooklyn running up the beach when she spots us. She excitedly runs over to Jodi and I and shows us her treasures. Thomas is all smiles. He said that he loves just chatting with his cute nieces and laughs at how different little girls are than boys. He acts like he does this out of sheer love, but I know that he cherishes these moments as much as the girls do.

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Jodi Davis said...

I love that my kids have you both to love them so much. Thomas is an amazing uncle and my kids love him like crazy!