Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sand Heaven

Hayden's idea of the beach is definitely the sand. He loves digging in it, building in it, lying in it and being buried in it. I love that I captured Hayden in his first moment on the beach this summer. No surprise that he grabbed his favorite shovel and headed to the edge of the water. It is his favorite spot to sit and apparently the digging is the absolute best there.
Hayden's second favorite part of the beach is spending time with his cousins. He loves having a week with playmates around constantly. Chase and Hayden are inseparable and love every minute that they get to spend together.
These two boys know how to dig a mean hole. They build it deep and lay in it and sit and talk.
The boys even convince the dad's to help. Thomas is a sport and jumps in and digs and digs. Sometimes they can even convince their uncles to help in the digging. This hole was started by Thomas and Hayden and continued to be dug out by several different guys.
It is amazing how much fun and enjoyment a hole on the beach can bring for all the kids. Hours and hours of delightful entertainment.

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