Friday, July 27, 2012

Cambridge Academy

Only three days after getting back from the beach, it was "Meet the Teacher" and parent orientation at Hayden's new school... yes, after being at the same school since pre-school, we decided to give a school in our neighborhood a try.

5th grade is a big change in Queen Creek. 5th graders are now Middle School students with 5 different teachers, moving classrooms, dressing out for P.E. and a ton of books. What a change for Hayden to experience. He is going to have to conquer a new school and a drastic new routine all at the same time. I know he can do it, we just need to instill the confidence and self assurance into Hayden.
Me and my boy headed to the school to see what is in store for this coming year.
I think the orientation left all three of us questioning our decision. The teachers and staff were great but was my baby ready for switching classrooms, middle school homework and responsibility and all the challenges that come with this much change? This move has been such a hard decision for me. You see, LAA was family to us. Everyone knew us. Everyone knew my health situation. Everyone knew Hayden's past, his challenges, his triumphs, his great character, his quirks, his greatness, his charity, his integrity and his entire personality. He has had the same friends for the past seven years. I am great friends with everyone from the principal to staff and teachers and love all the parents of Hayden's classmates.

So, why the desire to change? I'm not sure myself. I was driving by Cambridge Academy one day, it is in the entrance to our neighborhood, so it is a daily occurrence. I felt the need to investigate it. To try it out. I went to the school, talked with the principal and staff on the phone, took Hayden on a tour and just felt so good about the opportunities for Hayden. Lots and lots of prayer was involved. A lot of pleading with the Savior to know where Hayden was supposed to attend school. Many hours questioning my feelings and praying for guidance.

As the days grew closer, I grew more nervous, as did Hayden. Comfortableness and sameness is good and easy. Change is hard. We have been going through so many changes, is it smart to add another huge one into our lives? Am I following the Spirit and doing as I am directed? Am I hearing correctly? Am I trusting enough in my Savior?

As I tried to find words for each of those answers and comfort to my soul, I have felt at peace. There are moments when Hayden feels it is the right decision and then days of apprehension and fear get the best of both of us.

We decided to trust the Spirit and give Cambridge Academy a try. We will see how it goes. Hayden, Thomas and I have decided to give it our all, our best effort, our full support for two weeks to try it. We are praying for continual guidance as we set out on a new adventure. I pray these new teachers, students, and staff are wonderful and accepting and welcoming to Hayden.

We definitely will use our motto: Our family does hard things. And the promise of Nephi, "“I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

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