Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Blessings

This beautiful Christmas season has brought so many blessings to our home. We have received random acts of kindness beyond measure. I am in awe as each new day the door opens to find precious treats, sweet kindnesses and huge amounts of love.

This year, two different people are doing the 12 days of Christmas for us. Talk about a fun and exciting thing to look forward to each day. The first calls themselves the Christmas Angel and drops off yummy treats, fun gifts and cute sayings each day. We have received fun cups, straws, candy canes, bubble bath and all kinds of fun Christmas goodies. Hayden's favorite is that with the candy canes, it said that the cane was to help me off the couch to have fun with my family. Another said, to help you get off the couch and relax in the tub. We are having so much fun with our Christmas Angel.
The second is dropping off Nativity pieces with quotes about each of the pieces. It is so special. The quotes remind us each day of an important piece of the events and people surrounding our dear Savior's birth. Hayden is on pins and needles trying to guess which piece of the puzzle will come next and we all stop whatever we are doing to read the sweet quote provided and talk of how it plays into the role of Christ's birth. What an incredible gift to give to us each and every day.
Other acts of kindness, even though I have not taken pictures, are too, priceless to our family.

We spent one family night writing down our gifts to the Savior for 2013. We made goals of how we would "give back" to the Savior. We decided to be better at letting Christ's love shine through our own lives, so that others would see where the source of our happiness comes from. We are going to share the gift of Christ's love with another family. We are going to random acts of kindness for others and really pay it forward with all we have been given. We are all excited for some of our plans for 2013 and fulfilling our gifts to our Savior.

We also started our annual Christmas Manger and are having so much joy in finding unique and fun ways to serve one another so that we can add a piece of straw to the Christ child's manger. We are so excited to do so many good deeds that the baby Jesus has a soft place to lay his sweet head on Christmas Eve.

I love this time of year. I love the Christmas spirit. I love the random acts of kindness that are so richly among us. I am grateful for the generosity of others and the amount of joy they have brought to our hearts.

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