Wednesday, December 12, 2012

11 years old

Is it possible that 11 years have flown by so quickly? Wasn't it just yesterday that I held this screaming, crying, colicky, loving, tiny little baby boy? The years have flown by so quickly as I see my once little boy turning into an incredible young man.

11 years old is so close to becoming a teenager yet he still has so much innocence of youth. I have loved most stages but must say that this is a wonderful time in Hayden's life. He is still filled with awe for the world around him. He loves discovering, learning, asking questions, finding answers, understanding the world around him and is so comfortable in the world he lives in. He knows he is loved. He knows that he is a child of God. He loves everyone around him and tries to make the world a better place for each person he comes in contact with. He has a heart of gold. He wants to please and is happiest when he does a good deed for someone. He loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and doesn't hesitate one minute in sharing it with others. He recognizes the Spirit and tries so hard to act on the promptings that he feels. He prays like he is talking to his best friend and knows that each and every one of his prayers are heard and answered. His faith is that of prophets and true disciples of our Savior. He loves, he gives and he serves.

I could not be prouder of my boy. He has adapted and changed this year and dealt with issues and circumstances far beyond his understanding. He has learned to trust our Father in Heaven. He has stepped up and taken on additional responsibilities of taking care of mom, doing more chores, helping more around the house and has even learned to really care for our dogs. He looks for ways to serve.

I hope he never changes. I hope this world doesn't change the sweet spirit of my boy. I hope he is always as giving and caring as he is today. If so, he will change the world with kindness, compassion and love.
I love the way he treats me. He has learned from the best. Thomas is an incredible example of service to the Savior, his wife, his son, his family, friends and church service. Hayden is learning to rub mommy's feet, hold her hand, steady me and comfort me. He is going to be an excellent father and husband.
Hayden is also all boy. He loves video games, with Skylander Giants at the top of the list. He loves all things lego and builds for hours on end. He loves to draw and wants to become an artist and writer. He loves to jump on the trampoline, ride his new stunt bike, be outdoors, run, yell, shoot nerf guns and play hard and loud.
He has become quite social this year. Moving to a new school forced him out of his shell and he is gaining so much self confidence in making friends. He can turn any potential bully or enemy into a close friend. He loves the unlovable and the unlovable soon learn to love Hayden.
He loves and cherishes his mom and idolizes his dad. He wants to be just like his dad when he grows up and I think he is well on his way. These boys of mine, with their hearts of gold, melt my heart each and every day with their tenderness and acts of service and love.
I love that Hayden experiences life with all he has. He finds joy in the sunrise, a potato bug, any and all lego creations, a funny joke, beating a new level on a video game and discovering the meaning of a new word of concept. He finds the joy and good in life. He sees more than the glass 1/2 full, he sees it as the Lord providing him with everything he needs and could ever want. I pray this happy, loveable, wonderful, caring, honest, considerate, smart and all around wonderful boy continues to always stay this same wonderful Hayden that he is at 11 years old. I sure do love spending time with him and cherish each moment that he slides in next to me and cuddles on the couch. Happy Birthday, Hayden! I love you with all of my heart!

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