Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jodi and gang

I love the tradition of getting together with Jodi and her kiddos a couple days before Christmas to exchange gifts and have our own little celebration. I think next year we need to add Christmas cookies to the party. It is one of the first gifts the munchkins receive so they are so over the top excited!
Goofy kiddos
Brigham opened his first and absolutely loved the Batman and batmobile. Hayden did a perfect job picking out a present for his little buddy. I loved how excited Talmage was to see what "they" received.
Talmage absolutely loved his own batman and batmobile. He was funny and screeched if anyone else even touched it. He played and played and played with that car. He was so excited and so cute about everything. So fun to watch.
Brigham and his transformable batmobile/batcycle.
I love Hayden's face and can almost still hear him yell, "No way! Aweeeeesooome!" as he opened his Star Wars Legos that Jodi bought him. He spent the next couple of hours in one spot, building that kit, one piece after the next. Loved it!
Hayden loved her purple and pink necklace that Thomas made her. When I was Brooklyn's age, my mom started me with a porcelain doll collection. I loved receiving a special doll each year for either Christmas or my birthday. I decided that if Grandma Sue were with these sweet grandkids of hers, that she definitely would have carried on the tradition with Brooklyn. So, I thought I would throw in a Christmas gift from Grandma Sue. I hope she cherishes it because I really felt like it was something that my mom wanted her special granddaughter to have.
I was so excited to give Jodi her present this year. I had a custom necklace made for her. It says, "I can do hard things" and "Joy in the Journey". If there is anything that I have learned this year, and especially anything that Jodi continued to tell me is that I could do hard things. I also learned that there is joy even in the middle of really hard things, if you just take the time to notice them. Jodi and I have spent countless hours finding joy in the middle of really hard things. I am grateful to her for helping me through my trials and know she will always be there for me.
(*I was definitely more excited about giving each of them there gifts but must say how much I LOVE my oil holder and how darling and convenient it is to use. Perfect gift for me.)

Merry Christmas Davis Family! Our lives would not be complete without you right around the corner. Thanks for making 2012 such a memorable and great year. We all love and completely adore you all.

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