Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Dad and Bonnie threw their annual Simonton Christmas Eve party. We had so much fun. We had fun with everyone together but really missed J.D. and his family who were celebrating in Minnesota. We had food galore with our traditional honey baked ham and all the trimmings. We ate and talked and then gathered back together for the spiritual part of the evening.
Above photo collage: Murphys, Brinley, Katelyn and Kiley, Hayden teasing Jake and Kiley and Brooklyn in their new matching jackets from Suzi.
Hayden loved Christmas gifts from Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie, so did the girls. 
Below: Hayden and Kiley were having the best time laughing and playing. He sure loves his girls and they adore him.
After the spiritual evening of family, the Savior, Christmas memories and heartfelt thoughts we broke into the grinch game. This year Jodi gave Grandpa a grinch that sang the song, yelled Grrriiiinnnchh. The grinch game brought lots of laughs and fun. I love how excited Talmage was to give it to Grandpa. Talmage played the grinch game and loved it as much as any of the kids. He passed the presents and was in heaven at all the festivities. We laughed so hard when Austin ended up with a purse. He is one funny boy. Everyone laughed as this was the year for movie and Harkins gift certificates. Too fun.

Hayden absolutely loved his gifts from Grandpa and Grandma Simonton. His face was priceless as he opened up the kindle fire and squealed with delight and yelled oh yes! He ran to give Grandpa the biggest hug! He had really been wanting one and thought there was no way that he was going to get one. He was THRILLED to say the least!
Santa got lost on the way to the party. Hayden thought he would fill in. So he took Santa's velvet chair, sat in it and had the girls come up one by one, sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Oh how I wish I would have recorded it. He was so witty and they were all laughing hysterically. I love that he has such a great friendship with so many cousins.
Santa finally made it and had the kids full attention. They asked him questions and he was spot on with answers. Hayden was NOT thrilled when Grandpa asked if Hayden had been naughty or nice and Santa said "So, So". Hayden was totally offended. My boy that tries to be perfect was not happy. That was when he knew it was a bogus Santa. The real one would have DEFINITELY said he was on the good list. Wrong kid to question their goodness, Santa! But, they all laughed and had so much fun with Santa. I love the magic when Santa walked in. Giggles, whispers, questions, hushed wow's all preceded them sitting on his lap. He assured them that they all would receive a very Merry Christmas and they sure did.

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