Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas surprise

I am truly in awe of the goodness of people. Early in December we heard a knock at the door and we were caroled to. Our good friends, the Moon's, were standing at the door with their two small children. They were holding a wrapped package and told Hayden that they wanted to bring him an early Christmas gift. Hayden was estatic and immediately tore into it. When he pulled out a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, boy was this boy excited! He wanted one so badly. What a better way to count down Christmas than with a lego project per day.

I am so grateful for these dear friends. They knew Thomas had been working long and hard and with me down, this may not be the most event filled Christmas. They knew just the thing to bring a huge smile to my son's face. I sat on the couch in complete awe of the entire experience. I could hardly take in all the emotions I was feeling.

These sweet people sat and talked to Hayden all about Star Wars. All about the movies, the lego kits, and all things Hayden. They bonded with Hayden in such an incredible way.

My heart was and is so filled with thanks that we would be the beneficiary of such a random act of kindness for our family. They could not have picked a more thoughtful gift or a better act of service for us. It is exactly what was needed to really put our entire family in the Christmas spirit and give Hayden something wonderful to look forward to each and every morning.

Thank you, Moon's! I will always remember this precious night. Sometimes the unexpected receiving of  service and love is overwhelmingly beautiful!

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