Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kindness received

Kindness is alive and well in Queen Creek, Arizona. I have been the recipient of so many incredible acts of kindness in the past couple of days. I have received so many texts, several people dropping by to check on me and quite a few diet coke deliveries. And, who wouldn't absolutely love and appreciate that any time.

When life throws a couple of curve balls, it is easy to see who is there to help you catch them, who helps to steady you when you bobble and who reaches out to help stabalize you back on the course of life.

Lucky for me, there have been so many. So many incredible people to help.

I won't lie, today was a rough day. I was not only struggling physically, but emotionally I was completely falling apart. I was doing my best to hold it together. I was trying to seem like I was okay even though I was drowning on the inside.

An incredible friend and someone I look up to, texted and asked if she could stop by this morning. I was happy to have the company and not be alone. This amazing lady has conquered so much in life and has faced challenges that would have torn me apart. Yet, her faith and undying love for others is inspirational.

I was thoroughly enjoying our talk, calming down, relaxing and just soaking in the tranquility and peace for her presence. We talked, we laughed and we even teared up on occasion. As she was getting ready to leave, she asked me a question. All the tears from the rough week poured out uncontrollably. I was done. I had spent every last deposit made into my emotional reserve bank. My dear friend sat on the couch next to me, put her arm around me and cried with me. That was so what I needed. I needed the comfort that only someone who had walked where I am walking would understand. I needed her reassurance and her kind and comforting words.

As she left and my day went on, I wondered. Why of all days did she come today. Did she wake up and know that I needed her? She must have felt the promptings of the Holy Ghost and she willingly changed her plans, came over and spent her precious time consoling me.

Grateful does not begin to express the feelings I have.

As the day went on, more and more acts of kindness, and tender mercies were sent my way.

Hayden was sent home vomiting, although if any kid was happy and smiley with the flu, it would have been him. Home sickness was his issue today as he just wanted his mommy. Still a tender mercy in its own right, I was not alone but had the comfort of my son's joy.

Julie stopped by and then Suzi. Each adding their own unique help and love.

At 6pm the doorbell rang and incredible friends of ours, the Moons, were at the front door. They had brought an early Christmas present over to Hayden. Hayden was over the top excited and happy. Much to his delight, the package was a Star Wars Lego Advent Chart. My boy gets to unwrap a lego star wars guy each and every day this month. What a thoughtful and incredible gift of kindness for our family. Again, words of compassion cannot be written.

Suzi, feeling my emotions, thought more Christmas decorations abounding would make me smile. She began decorating my Mickey Christmas village. As Thomas walked in the door, he immediately started helping along with Suzi and Hayden. In no time, they had my amazing Christmas village together.

Friends called. Text messages poured in. The Lord prompted so many people to reach out to me today.

Words cannot express how much it helped. Nor the gratitude for my Savior for allowing me to be the recipient of such great acts of kindness.

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