Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hayden's Toy Drive 2012

Cole Crismon called and asked if he could help with Hayden's Toy Drive for his eagle project. I was thrilled and excited but most of all so grateful. I knew that this was a direct answer to my prayer. How could I ever accomplish all I needed to with the toy drive and collect toys when I am in bed? It is so important to my heart and I know how important the toys are to the children that are in the hospital, so I prayed for a way to keep the toy drive going, even though I, myself, could not do it.

Cole and all the Crismon's did an amazing job collecting toys for the children at Phoenix Children's Hospital. All together, they boxed and packaged up over 1500 toys.

My heart is so grateful. My thanks cannot be spoken.

As Thomas and Hayden went with the Crismon's to PCH to drop off the toys, I was heartbroken that I was too sick to go. But, an overwhelming peace came over me as I realized that in spite of my illness, the Lord had prepared a way for Hayden's Toy Drive to still be successful.

Thank you Cole! I am so grateful, as are all the children at PCH. Hayden still says that dropping off the toys is one of the greatest parts of Christmas. I agree.

Thank you to all that helped us continue in Hayden's Toy Drive. During the last six years, we have now brought in over 12,000 toys, thanks to all the wonderful and generous donations from so many incredible people.

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