Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Banana Cake

Thomas is a pretty easy going guy. He doesn't ask for much, he sees the best in life and he is just a happy go lucky kind of guy. One night we were sitting on the couch talking and he casually commented, "I am craving this banana cake. Doesn't it look so good? I would love to try it some time." No kidding, within the next hour Jake called on the phone and asked if they could stop by. In Rosie walks with a banana cake.

I don't think Thomas has really asked for anything for himself during this entire last year. But, he casually mentions something and boom there it is being handed to him.

I guess what has sunk into me most during this trial is how aware the Lord is of our needs and we just need to ask for what we desire. In order for Jake and Rosie to show up with the cake, the Lord had already inspired Rosie to think of it, make it and decide to bring it over.

How often do we miss out on getting what we really want because we don't ask? How often does the Lord prepare goodies or tender mercies in advance and deliver them and we do not recognize them? And, isn't it amazing that while the Lord is taking care of the big things, like keeping me alive, that he is also looking out for the little things, like a banana cake, to make our lives a little sweeter?

How many times do I see the Lord's hand in my life? Every time I look. How have you seen the Lord working in your life providing you with the life saving miracles or the sweet banana cake? Better yet even, how often is the Lord able to use me to be his hands and make the banana cake? I love how sweet life is and all that goes into it.

Don't tell but Thomas and I... yep, we finished off that entire cake in a matter of days. It was that absolutely yummy!

Hayden... he was much more excited for some fun cousin time than any cake.

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Connie said...

Awesome! You ARE being watched over, friend!