Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Infusion Treatment

I am headed back to Mayo Clinic today for another treatment. By about 9:00 AM, this is how I will look. I will be sitting in my recliner, pillows propped all around to help the medication flow, iv in, and dozing in and out of sleeping. Jodi and I will talk and make plans. We will discuss everything from Brooklyn's birthday party scheduled for the next day to Christmas presents for ward members, family and friends to different pinterest ideas. Most of all, Jodi will be there to help me survive the day, cater to my needs and make sure the nurses follow my doctor's instructions. She is amazing!
I go in feeling pretty good, a little apprehensive but able to walk. By the end of the treatment, I am pale, I struggle to walk, I am weak and ready for my bed. The infusion now takes the entire day since I only tolerate the medicines going in slower. We try to rush to Dr. Shiflet, if time allows, to see if he can ease some of the symptoms.

By 6:30 PM, I will either be on the recliner or curled up in my bed. Regardless of where I am, my dear little boy will not leave my side. He has to sleep with mom those nights. He wants to be the one to take care of me, serve me and love me through this. I am comforted by his touch. He keeps me fighting. He keeps me giving this my all. He helps me to find the strength to conquer this disease. I know he needs me and wants me here. Thomas is right there, as well. He stays up most of the night making sure I am okay. He awakes at every turn I make and is right there meeting my every single need.
This may not be fun but what would I do without these amazing people that walk this with me. Not when it is convenient, not for show, only for the deep and undying love they have for me. How lucky am I? I am so blessed with such an amazing group of family and friends to help me, care for me and love me.

I am praying for sleep. I am praying for comfort and peace. I am praying for strength beyond my own to fight this. I am praying for the healing powers of the Savior to given to my body. I am praying for strength of mind and heart to be able to mentally survive the pain and agony that will accompany me for the next week.... especially the first couple of days and nights.

I am at peace for I know that the Lord will give me strength to help me through, He will send angels to bear me up, He will send the Holy Ghost to comfort my heart and I will be surrounded by love here on earth. I cannot imagine being able to receive more blessings than I have... my cup runneth over.

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Jodi Davis said...

You did awesome today! I pray that you sleep well tonight and that the symptoms are kept to a minimum. I love you!