Monday, October 8, 2012

Mayo Infusion Update

Jodi hauled me to Mayo clinic for another IVIG infusion. We told the nurses that last time it took over an hour to get the IV in, so they wrapped me in warm blankets to try and get the blood flowing and a vein that would cooperate. Jodi and I were dying laughing because my phone rang and I couldn't get it, Jodi text Thomas with this picture saying I was a little tied up and would call when they gave me my arms back.
Yes... the diet coke, the cheetos bag and the cookies keep getting bigger with each treatment. We started out as a half day and now are down at the infusion center for almost 8 hours. Yep, we need more cheetos and more diet coke to get me through the treatments. Rumor has is that they will extend the infusion times longer... if I am in for 12 hours, just wait... all treats and drink sizes will increase. Fair warning.
I went through most of the treatment doing ok. Not loving life but definitely tolerable, until the last hour. Then, bang, mild headache, hot flashes, sheer miserableness. Wet washcloth on head definitely helps. At this point in the treatment, I just want relief and am in no way concerned about how I look.
We made it out of the hospital, a little after 4pm, and I was ok. Until that is we almost got to the car and I suddenly had stabbing, almost doubling over, stabbing pains in my left side. I took a deep breath and kept walking. I knew to say something would get me admitted in the hospital. Jodi told me she was sitting in the parking lot until the feelings subsided. She wasn't hauling me away only to have a problem 30 to 60 minutes away from the hospital.

The pain eased back and we headed home. Long night, long everything, pain increased, nausea returned, headache increased, hot flashes were back but not like before.

That morning, I was terrified to go in. I still felt pretty bad from the previous treatment, two weeks prior. How was I supposed to do this again when I had never recovered from the last treatment. I was scared. I was terrified and I felt so sick that morning when I woke up.

Thomas laid his hands on my head and offered a beautiful and comforting priesthood blessing. My pain subsided. The bouts of nausea left and I walked out the door to Mayo clinic feeling okay. I also was empowered with the feelings of inexpressible love and comfort and peace. I was promised that the Savior would help ease the symptoms the reactions this day.

It was amazing. My IV went in on the first try, the medicines did not sting as badly going in, my overall well being was improved. I could not have done this treatment, endured any of it without the gift of my Savior actually taking on my pain and illness that day.

I know that was why I endured. I know that it why the treatment was so easy. And, I am oh so very grateful! 

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