Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy Halloween Week

Halloween Murphy Madness is in full swing.

Hayden has had quite the busy week and it isn't even Halloween yet. Already he has participated in the following activities:

Conquered his very first Haunted House
(According to Kaylee, Kiley and Suzi - he stood up to a Zombie and was absolutely brave.)

Walked unaccompanied to Jackson's house and was completely brave and confident.

Attended his school's Halloween Dance Party where he, Jackson and Gunter played all types of games, laughed with friends and participated with all the other kids in the middle school laughing and having a great time. I think their "dancing" would have looked more like a Ninja weapons battle but they had a great time!

Carved pumpkins with his Dad and Gunter... more on that later.

Attended Suzi's ward Trunk or Treat with Gunter, Brooklyn, Kaylee, Katelyn, Kiley and all of their friends.

His poor immune system could not take the excitement and he came down with strep throat... nothing a few antibiotics and staying away from mom  for 24 hours couldn't conquer.

Bounced out the door to the Simonton Halloween Bash at my Dad's house. There is played with cousins, watched the magician, ate homemade ice cream, had platefuls of food, played Halloween Wii outside, had bungi cord races and more. (Even though I couldn't attend, they brought me homemade ice cream back.)

Tomorrow night will be filled with our church ward Halloween Party complete with spook alleys, chili, cornbread, hotdogs, trunk or treating and all kinds of fun carnival booths.

On Halloween, we will all go to Jodi's house... the guys will take the kids trick or treating while Jodi and I sit on the porch, wrapped in blankets, passing out candy to the cute kids.

Busy but incredibly fun week. Ready for all the fun Fall and Winter festivities that are coming up. I am excited!

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