Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Desert Living - Fear of Snakes

I HaTe Snakes!
I am scared to death of snakes.
Julie knocked on our door on Sunday afternoon saying that there was a snake in our yard. Not any snake but a 6 foot bull snake. She had hit him with her car and he flew but she was sure he was dead.

Thomas came out to take a look and no, not dead, that snake tried to strike twice at Thomas.

Results: SNakE: 0   ThOMaS: 1

I wouldn't let Hayden outside at first, so he sat in the office, watching his dad through the window, cheering for him, talking about how brave his daddy is and how cool of dad he has... priceless.
Even after being defeated, that snake kept moving and I was freaking out that it was in our front yard. Thomas chopped off it's head and Hayden squealed in delight that the snake still continued to move all over the place.
Thomas was so proud of himself for killing a six foot snake. Look at the proud look on Hayden's face. I love how much he idolizes his dad.
For me, I cringe each and every time I have to walk outside of the house. I am convinced that there must be more of them around. I am frightened JUST by looking at the pictures.

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Jamie Jo said...

That is HUGE!!! That would freak me out too. We had a pet snake a few years ago. A little rubber boa. The kids use to let him climb all over them. He got out once and I found him in my drawer with my blow dryer and curling irons. Good times. He died. It was kind of suicide. He starved himself. Wouldn't eat the little baby mouse we tried to feed him. Which was really sad, because then the mouse died a slow death. (Cue: The Circle of Life from Lion King)