Saturday, October 6, 2012

General Conference 2012

Two of my very favorite weekends of the year are General Conference Weekends. Twice a year, we are blessed to get to listen to a Prophet of God speak to us, lift our spirits and to help us strive to live our lives in harmony with the  Savior.

I love that it means an entire weekend at home, in my pajamas, surrounded with loved ones and being able to be inspired, uplifted and filled with hope and joy for the coming days, months and year.  We gather together, turn on the T.V., eat yummy food and soak in the counsel that we are being given.

I try to prepare my heart and mind before listening to conference and pray that I will hear any messages that my Father in Heaven wants me to hear. I am always blessed to walk away from this uplifting weekend with an added desire to do good, a greater love for my Savior and a reassurance that I am a daughter of God, that He knows me, the challenges I am facing and that I am loved. What a great reassurance to receive from the Holy Ghost... I am known, I am cherished, I am loved.

I will post tidbits of my favorite talks or little glimpses of hope or inspiration that I receive over the next several days. If interested, you can turn to to listen live. Or, feel free to come over and watch it with us. We will be eating yummy cinnamon rolls, having breakfast burritos, french dip sandwiches for lunch and all kinds of yummy snacks in between. It is destined to be a enjoyable weekend.

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