Friday, October 12, 2012

Collapsed lung

This last week I have struggled to breathe. Absolutely struggled for each and every breath. It hurt to take a breath, felt like I was suffocating and my energy was completely depleted.

Jodi called on Wednesday and said that she needed to get me to Dr. Shiflet. She felt that she needed to take me immediately. She piled her kids in the car and told me that she was on her way to get me. I climbed in the car and was still struggling to breathe. Jodi dropped me off at the doctor while she ran to Costco.

I told Dr. Shiflet I was struggling to breathe and he did some asthma treatment. That made it worse, I was really struggling for air. He did an exam and said that unbelievably that my left lung had partially collapsed. The extreme stabbing was my diaphragm was up in my lung cavity and had cut off air in that lung. He also told me that the hospital technique and I don't go so good together. He proceeded to just dig in and move my diaphragm down, relocate my stomach and then tried to pump the air back into my lungs. I couldn't believe how excruciatingly painful that was.  Oh did it hurt.

However, the pain paled in comparison to yesterday. Each and every breath that I took felt as if my back was going to break and someone was stabbing knives into me. My diaphragm killed and feels bruised. I feel like my insides are going to come out.

As I was praying, I felt a distinct impression come over me. You are being protected. I am watching over you. I love you. I will help you.

The Savior had again pulled me through. He had prompted Jodi to get me to the doctor, he inspired the doctor to check my lung. He helped me to receive enough air until I could get help. He helped me to deal with the extreme pain yesterday by allowing sleep to come a lot and easily. He watched over Hayden and when Hayden got scared, he inspired Suzi to call and come over.

I am truly blessed. As I walk this trial, I am in awe at how the Savior works. I am in awe of all the people that will drop whatever I need to help me. I get to see the best in people. I get to see them at their finest. I get to see them doing good, serving, loving and giving. There is so much good in this world. Come spend the day with me and you too will be in awe of all the random acts of kindness and goodness that people do each and every day. How lucky am I?

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Darce said...

Jer--you've been on my mind the past two days, and I don't know why. I haven't checked your blog for quite a while, until right now. I haven't even read all your posts--just this one--and, again, I'm in awe at your faith and love. You are truly an inspiration to me--every time I interact with you! I want you to know I love you, and you and your family are always in my prayers. Thank you for being the beautiful woman that you are!