Friday, October 12, 2012

Clean House

I am a clean freak. I love to have my house clean, in order and everything in its place. No matter how hard Thomas, Julie, Joyce, Suzi and Hayden tried to keep up on it, there are so many needs around here that the house gets neglected some times. Don't get me wrong. It is usually picked up and not disastrous, just not deep cleaned enough. I have really eased up and let things go over the past couple of years and housecleaning is definitely one of them. My house is not sparkling at all times. But, I sure love it when it is.
Suzi called one day and through my breakdown, I cried and said, I am totally useless. I can't even clean my house any more and it is driving me crazy. Suzi comforted me and the next day, lo and behold who showed up at my house? Cleaners. Yep, a cleaning crew to come in and clean my house. Suzi hired someone to come and clean my house, top to bottom, deep cleaned every other week. Can you believe that?
I can, but only because I know Suzi. We have been friends for so so so long. She knew that it was a stress she could take off of me and so she did. No fuss, no big fan fare, just a call to tell me that when the cleaners knocked at the door to let them in and they were prepaid.

That is how Suzi rolls. Just love. Just service. Just random acts of kindness. No one else knowing. No big fanfare. She just meets so many people's needs, not just mine. She is selfless in her giving and love.

Another example, yesterday... was a bad day. Physically I was going in and out of it, sleeping a lot and miserable. Hayden called Suzi and told her that he was done, please come over and take care of me. She left work immediately, grabbed Subway for lunch for us and came over to sit until someone else could get there.

I am so grateful for Suzi, so grateful for a friend that is willing to meet my needs and my family's needs, no questions asked, just does what needs to be done. How lucky am I?

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