Monday, March 25, 2013

Most important week in history

I love Easter. It is a time for welcoming the new. Fresh starts and new beginning. Spring is in the air and the earth had reawakened after a winter slumber. I find myself drawn to tasks like decluterring my house, making and redefining new goals, love the smell of springtime and love the rebirth that it brings to the earth.

Most of all, my heart turns to my Savior. I study more fervently the life of my Savior and his ultimate act of love in his gifts of the atonement and resurrection.

Our family has many Easter traditions because of my love of new beginnings, fresh starts and most importantly the loving act of the atonement.

Our celebrations and studying go full force on Palm a sunday and commence on Easter evening. Each day we relive the last week of the Savior's life. We start by reading in Matthew 21: 1-11 about Jesus' triumphant return to Jerusalem and riding in on a donkey, while beloved followers shouted praises of Hosanna and waved palm branches for their Lord and Savior. Each night we watch short video clips from Mormon Messages or little snippets on YouTube regarding the Savior.

Monday night our family home evening is on the atonement and how Jesus overcame death and sin for us. We read where Jesus cleansed the temple and blessed the sick.

Tonight we will continue to read and follow in his footsteps, walking where he walked to try to better understand the significance of the last week the Savior walked this earth. We will continue to do this through Sunday. We are trying to gain a better appreciation and love for our Savior and his sacrifices for us.

I have some special new activities planned to try to help Hayden grasp the atonement and how hard it was, for even the Savior, in the Garden of Gethsemanee. I hope it helps him to understand.

The peace that has been in our home as we have discussed the sacred and important events of this week has been amazing. I love the sweet peace the Spirit bring when testifying of our beloved Savior.

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