Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perfect Day

Some days are just picture perfect.

You wake up and from the moment your eyes completely focus until they close again in deep slumber, it is all magical.

I awoke to the sound of laughter. Hayden absolutely cracking up at something Jackson or Gunter had done. Boys laughing and noise and messy chaos filled the walls of our house. But the love and happiness and joy that was contained within the walls surpassed any need for worldly perfection.

I smiled. I took a deep breath and soaked it all in. I want this day to register in my long term memory.

There wasn't anything special per se. The moments so ordinary that they could have been mistaken as a regular day and dismissed with a glance.

I realized from the first laugh that it was destined to be magical!

We watched movies. We talked. We played a couple of rounds of Clue. We laughed. We taught Hayden how to play Chinese checkers and checkers. We watched more movies. We cuddled on the couch. We talked. We teased one another. We snuggled. We read scriptures. We started our fast. We loved each other with all of our hearts.

That's what this life is about.... Holding onto each other tight, cherishing one another, recognizing the magical moments intertwined in the middle of the everyday grind, laughing, talking, cuddling, finding the joy, worshipping our Savior, and loving one another with all our hearts. Life really is amazing and wonderful and something to be cherished not just endured.

After all, it's those that you surround yourself with that make life wonderful and amazing and definitely worth living.


Julie Knapp said...

Do you know what is going on, Jer? You have learned to live in the present, in the moment. We all need to learn that. I love you. Julie

Julie Knapp said...

Do you know why your day was so perfect, Jer? You have learned to live in the present, to enjoy every moment. We all need to learn to do that. I love you, Julie

Darce said...

I learn so much from you Jer. Thank you for sharing your life, lessons, and insight! We're all fasting with you, too. Love you!

Connie said...

Perfect indeed, friend! Thanks for your example!